Bailey + Jordan | A Rainy Day Couple’s Session in Brooklyn, New York


Traveling alone is one of my very favorite things. Every time I’ve set out to explore somewhere solo, it’s been an eye opening experience. I love feeling small in a big place. I love going places where no one knows my name.

When my parents told me they were visiting New York City this summer, I knew I had to join them. I also knew I wanted to add a few personal days and photograph rad humans. Bailey and Jordan happened to be those rad humans I was hoping for. They are also photographers — naturally, we’ve been Instagram friends for awhile now — so when they found out I was coming to town, they were down to shoot. Stoked.

So I booked an Airbnb in Brooklyn and met them the day I got to town. Note: After 15 hours of travel from LA and about two hours of sleep.

It was dreary, rainy and humid. I was exhausted. But that didn’t stop us.

I love this session because it’s the realest real. Bailey and Jordan work out at that basketball court, they walk in the rain, they live in the neighborhood. If there’s one thing you should know about me: it’s that the “everyday life stuff” gets my heart beating. These photos are proof you can shoot in the rain. Proof you can wear clothes you didn’t go out and buy for the purpose of having your picture taken — and look f’ing awesome. That you don’t need your hair and make-up done, the perfect lighting, any of the bullshit (sorry, y’all, New York is getting to me, but I always promise to be unfiltered here) you may have been told you have to do for a photoshoot.

Now that I’m rambling, I’ll let you enjoy this set of images. You’ll notice some film-y edits in there. I am working on a new offering for those edits. Basically, it will allow us to work collaboratively together to determine an editing style that best represent your story — if you’re interested in this concept or the film look, drop me a line! I’d love to hang.

with love,

Brooke Taelor