Dre + Jason | Los Angeles Engagement Session


I like the sky
before a storm.
It’s crazy romantic:
the clouds
just waiting to burst
and fill the earth
with goodness.

It was 65 degrees in Los Angeles this Wednesday. I remember it vividly because I was upset that it was 80 back home in Texas — I’m not one for the cold (yes, 65 degrees Fahrenheit is cold to me). But as I was driving up the windy road to the Lower Canyonback Trail, I started to forget about how cold I thought it was.

Since moving to LA, I have these moments every now and then where it hits me: I live here.

That moment, driving up the road, was one of them.

Then I got to meet Dre + Jason.

Jason greeted me with a hug (or maybe I greeted him with the hug? …I’m a hugger), and we started to chat about social media influencers, Mexico and other small talk that I enjoyed more than most small talk. Then Dre showed up — someone else tell me I’m not the only one who thinks she looks like Kourtney Kardashian — and I immediately liked her too. Any girl who takes a tequila shot before their engagement session is my kinda girl.

We hiked around as storm clouds rolled in. I barely noticed it getting colder, though. These two are so much fun!

When it came time to edit their session, I threw in a few film-like edits. It felt right to me. And I knew they would be down for them.


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with love,

Brooke Taelor