Marissa + Lou | Prospect House Wedding in Austin, TX


What do you love most about each other?

Marissa: “I am a very fast paced person…. I overcommit myself, overbook myself and take on too much all of the time. Lou slows me down and balances me out in the most beautiful way. When we are together, I am reminded to slow down and enjoy the small things, to be present around people and to take in every moment of life for what it’s worth. He is also equally as childlike and playful as I am and I love that! I feel the most understood and known by him.”

Lou: “Marissa has a way of lighting up any room she walks into. She makes you and everyone around feel like the most important person there. There’s something about magnetic about her personality and people love being around her. She makes it easy. She celebrates people and victories well. I just like having her around.”

I couldn’t think of a better way to start my post about Marissa + Lou’s love. When I first met these two, I knew they were COOL. Way cooler than me. I was excited to capture them because of their vibe (and because we had planned the most rad engagement session ever…post coming soon).  But after getting to know them and their story, I fell in love with their hearts. And for their sweet love for each other. Fun fact: They call each other love-y and I think that’s the most adorable thing in the world.

Their wedding day was filled with friendship, laugher and—most importantly—Jesus. Being their photographer, I got to be present during the most intimate parts of the day. This included the prayers. Every single time, no matter who was praying, they prayed that those who might not know the Lord to be able to see His amazing love through their marriage and love for each other. If there’s one thing I’ve always said about finding my person one day — it’s that. And so I cried every time.

As you look through these photos of their day, I hope you can see the love that Jesus gave us shining through. And I also hope you get all the way down to the reception photos to see what A FREAKING PARTY their night was.



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with love,

Brooke Taelor