We can be more than every other client + vendor relationship, my friend.   

Right now you might feel overwhelmed. I want to be your breath of fresh air in this crazy wedding planning process. Because after it’s all said and done, the flowers will wilt, the delicious food will be in satisfied bellies, your venue will house so many more special love stories, but your photographs — those are for you to keep forever. And if we do this right, our friendship will be the same way. 


— I will care about your marriage. Not just your wedding day - but your relationship as a whole. 

— I'll look for the moments that are meaningful, not just the pretty things. 

— You will be treated with love. I'm there for YOU. 

— Our relationship will be collaborative. We will work together to create a day that will photograph beautifully. 

— I will take care of myself so I can be 100% committed and creatively inspired on your day. 

Now that we're friends,

there’s just a few more things I want you to know. 

There is my heart, 
then there is you—
and I'm not sure there is a difference.


My promise to you:

Thanks so much!
You'll be hearing from me soon!

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& let's start making something beautiful